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All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full.

The calender records the joy and sorrow of us.

We all enjoy the life as iGEMers.

Your strength will equal your days.

Look through this calender to experience our laughs and tears.

    Sept. 2013

  • 28th Sept.

    WIKI finished!!!!!

    Cheer up~

  • 24th Sept.

    Modeling & software finished

  • 23nd Sept.

    Meeting journal index

    Meeting journal index

  • 22nd Sept.
  • 21st Sept.

    we started to write WIKI online.

    Today we put some texts on the WIKI and reset the Home page.

  • 20th Sept.

    Today we took a lot of funny photos in the campus.

    See more in our Album.

  • 19th Sept.

    Mid-autumn festival!!!

    We dined together and then worked again throughout the holiday.

  • 18th Sept.

    Our First formal E'Note journal

    We started to input the wetlab journals under the help from XMU-software team members.

  • 17th Sept.

    We designed our mascot FangFang

    We talked in group for more than 2 hours and finally chose one design out of four.

  • 14th Sept.

    The new semester started!

  • 12nd Sept.

    How to get to Hong Kong?

    We finally decided to get to Hong Kong by train and began to buy the tickets.

  • 6th Sept.

    Connection again with Prof. Hasty

    Prof. Hasty replied our E-mail and gave some very important messages which helped us find the key points.

  • Aug. 2013

  • 26th Aug.
  • 18th Aug.

    A formal presentation to our instructor.

    We made a formal presentation about what we have done and then our instructor discussed the project with us.

  • 17th Aug.

    We went to see the Pacific Rim together!

    We had a one-day-long vacation to relax.

  • 11-19th Aug.

    Communication and learning with Peking University.

    One of our team member came to Beijing and get a deep collaboration with Peking iGEM 2013 team. They gave us sfGFP.

  • 10th Aug.

    We talked with Bestally® face to face about some details in our cooperation.

  • 3th Aug.

    We assisted XMU_Software team to finish the fresco themed about synthetic biology & iGEM in Furong tunnel

  • July. 2013

  • 28th July.
  • 22nd July.

    We got in touch with GenScript® in order to further cooperation.

  • 18th July.

    We organized a successful campus fair themed about synthetic biology and iGEM for high school students.

  • 17th July.

    Purdue iGEM team sent us E-mail for further collaboration.

  • 16th July.

    We held a lecture about synthetic biology and iGEM including iGEM-HS.

  • June. 2013

  • 30th June.
  • 24-29th June.

    We sent parts BBa_C0061 and BBa_I0462 to the Toulouse iGEM team.

  • 24th June.

    NJU iGEM team visited us and we had a short meeting.

  • 21st June.

    Our team was established officially.

    We have decided to construct oscillation cirucit.However, there still exists indetermination about DNA oscillation

  • May. 2013

  • 30th May.

    Formal members determined

  • 25th May.
  • 10th May.

    Experimental training.

    Some of us showed great enthusiasm in doing experiment.

  • 5th May.

    English training

    We determined to train the oral english at the every weekend during May.

  • Apr. 2013

  • 15th Apr.
  • 5th Apr.

    Hold commuication meeting with PKU.

    Haoqian Zhang, advisors of Peking University iGEM team,visited our Xiangan Campus and gave us some advice.

  • 4th Apr.

    We started using Evernote to store and exchange messages.

  • 30th Mar.

    Group meetings

    We separated in groups and had a deeper understand about three preliminary projects.

  • Mar. 2013

  • 30th Mar.

    March meeting journal

    Meeting memo--2013-03-30B Group

  • 29th Mar.


    We separated in groups and searched what could we do in the new season.

  • 1st Mar.

    Orientation meetings

    We had a orientation meeting every weekend during March.

  • Feb. 2013

  • 27th Feb.

    English-literature-reading training

  • Jan. 2013

  • 24th Jan.

    Winter vacation~!

    All the new members need to finish the homowork including translation a paper.

  • 7th Jan

    Introduction meeting!

    The former members held a introduction meeting face to all the colleges. Many students joined in and had a nice memory.

  • Dec,2012

  • 1st Dec

    Welcome to XMU-iGEM 2013!

    The former team members put up Posters and handed out Fly sheets to attract new members.
    We were waiting for you!

XMU-China | Welcome

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