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Our project includes 2 independent software tools-the brick worker and E' NOTE. The former is a software suit for the evaluation and optimization of biobricks, i.e., promoter, RBS, protein coding sequences and terminator. E' NOTE is a web application serving as an assistant for experiments. Its useful functions such as experiments recording and experimental template customization make experimental process easier and more enjoyable.


E' NOTE is an experiment recording tool specifically designed for iGEMers. It allows users to take notes, draw tables, upload images, and provides a series of templates for them. The templates are capable of some basic calculations such as enzyme digestion system and ligation systems setting, which significantly ease the burden of experiment recording. Besides, E' NOTE also provides a plasmid library which can be further constructed by users, in addition to basic information, the library can offer the data of the time of purification and breed conservation to avoid the death of strains caused by freezing for too long. The library is linked to the templates, hence, after recording the data in the library, the templates will present the data which the users recorded in the library.

E' NOTE also offers a calculation board for some basic calculations during solution configuration and a built-in E-mail sender to facilitate communication among team members. Of course, the tools provided by E' NOTE is far from complete, so E' NOTE contains a software integration board. It can integrate the software tools useful for synthetic biology experiment process on the internet. Users can easily find their desired software in this part.

The broad majority of iGEMers may often get entangled with uploading the experiment notes to the wiki by either PDF file or constructing a webpage. But it’s a pity that simple experiment notes cannot show the experimental method and thus barricade communication. If you use E' NOTE to record your experiments, simply input your data according to the specification and the experiments data will be transferred to wiki conveniently, just let E' NOTE to present your experiment note perfectly.


Introduction for using

1.Click here to learn how to use E' NOTE: Tutorial of E' note.

2.Output the record to create a wiki page: Data output. ( xml.css )

( Click me to use E' NOTE: Link to E' NOTE )

Future work

In the future, E' NOTE will integrate more online tools for synthetic biology experiments and classify them to facilitate the users’ searching process(Figure 1). In addition, it will provide a port for the users to contribute the software they think might help with synthetic biology experiments. And the software will appear on the software integration board after verification(Figure 2). Furthwer nore, E' NOTE also make an attempt to integrate the software tools offline. We have known that we can do it through Python and even provide a draft for that (Figure 3). E' NOTE is far more than a experiment recording tool for iGEMers, it is a platform for iGEMers to start can develop their projects. So, experiments recording is, just a start.