World Championship Jamboree


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iGEM 2013 World Championship Jamboree

The iGEM 2013 World Championship Jamboree will take place in
Cambridge, Massachusetts on November 1-4, 2013!

Re-watch the Finalists and Awards Ceremony!

  • 11-4-2013: Watch the finalists LIVE!
  • 11-1-2013: Be sure to check out the great workshops over the weekend!
  • 11-1-2013: Want to check out the presentation sessions but can't make it to Boston? See them Livestreamed!
  • 10-26-2013: The shuttle schedule for the Hyatt and Jillian's is now available on the schedule page!
  • 10-26-2013: Find out more about the teams by reading their project titles and abstracts in the Jamboree program, and check out the poster information sheet to find out when they will be presenting their posters!
  • 10-25-2013: We are finalizing details for the live webcast. Check back soon!
  • 10-25-2013: The Schedule of events and practice session sign-up sheet are now available!
  • 10-24-2013: The Jamboree handbook is up!