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Clearing Zone Assay

Clearing zone experiment was conducted to semi-quantitatively test the ability of PhaZ1 to break down P3HB. PhaZ1 cell lysate was tested on a P3HB LB agar plate. The protocol can be found here.

PhaZ1 showing P3HB degradation ability by generating a clear zone on a P3HB LB agar plate. A. No difference between empty vector cell lysate and PhaZ1 cell lysate right after they were pipetted into the wells. B. PhaZ1 in the cell lysate started to clear P3HB around the well after 1 day. C. PhaZ1 created a clear zone around the well after 3 days, whereas it was still cloudy around the empty vector cell lysate well. The plate was contaminated by a few colonies growing on the agar surface.

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