Team:Imperial College/Attributions



Yong Wen Chua


Provided help with debugging wiki issues.

James Wade


Provided design advice for module diagrams.

Marcel Helmer


Designed the team logo and the M.A.P.L.E logo.

Additional Attributions

Neil Thompson

Filmed and edited our project introduction and 3D printing videos.

Alexa Pollmann

Created most of our M.A.P.L.E context images.

Geoff Baldwin

Thank you for letting us use some of your lab equipment.

Ciaran McKeown

Thank you for helping us purify our proteins.

Lisa Haigh

Thank you for working out the techniques required to run mass spectrometry on our P(3HB) and breakdown monomers. Unfortunately, we ran out of time for this experiment.

Felix Jonas

Thank you for the help with setting up the fluorescent imaging and microscopy tuition.

Tillman Pape

Thank you for helping us with imaging of our cells.


Thanks you for accommodating us in the teaching lab (or the iGEM lab as we call it!)

Ed Marshall

Thank you for sharing your incredible expertise about the bioplastics industry, during our human practices panel discussion. We used your PLA cup in several of our experiments.

Professor Cheeseman

Thank you for your insight into UK waste management and for an incredibly informative discussion during our human practices panel.

Karen Polizzi

Thank you for contributing to the Human Practices panel discussion. We have really valued your feedback throughout the project.

Simon Little

Our visit to Powerday was one of the highlights of our project, you were a great host and gave us a lot of information about UK recycling. The mixed waste you provided was invaluable to our project!

Doug Simpson

We appreciate the time you gave us to discuss our project from the perspective of the GLA and the Mayor of London's waste management strategy.