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Sonicating herring sperm DNA

  • Pipetting out sonicated samples every 30mins
    • Pipette 4ul of DNA into Son 1-6 every 30mins
      • Dilute 1ul of DNA from Son 1-6 in 9ul of 1xTE buffer to tubes 10xdil 1-6
      • Vortex each dilution thoroughly and centrifuge briefly.
  • Keep tubes on ice

Running an agarose gel for sonication analysis

  • To tubes 1-6, add 14 ul of sterile water and 5 ul of orange G dye and 1ul of DNA from Dil x10 1-6 appropriately. Centrifuge briefly. Keep on ice until loading.
  • Use 5 ul of 1kb marker on both ends
  • Add buffer so that wells in the tray and the tray itself are covered
  • Run at 80 V for an hour and a half (gel is 1.2%)

Herringsperm sonicate 130813.jpg