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Serial dilution of herring sperm DNA

  • 100ul DNA and 900ul TE to make master mix
  • 5 independent samples 10ul each were taken from master mix
    • Each independent sample was diluted twice in 90ul of TE
  • 20 dilution samples were then nanodropped to check dilution accuracy
Sample nrConcentration (ng/ul)260/280260/230
nr. 1/1529.91.812.26
nr. 1/252.11.862.32
nr. 2/1454.31.812.28
nr. 2/2461.822.23
nr. 3/1457.31.832.28
nr. 3/245.11.852.38
nr. 4/1522.81.822.27
nr. 4/247.31.872.26
nr. 5/1481.41.822.28
nr. 5/240.81.842.35
  • Dilutions show accuracy
  • Master dilution is sonicated and every 30mins a 30ul sample is taken to dilute twice (10ul of DNA in 90ul of TE buffer)
  • 6 30ul samples are taken
  • Samples are then run on a gel