Europe/Late Registration


Guest Attendees

General public attendees are welcome to attend the iGEM Regional Jamborees!
All guests must register and pay the Jamboree attendance fees. Entrance to awards ceremony and presentation rooms is dependent on space availability. Preference is given to iGEM team members, team instructors, team affiliates, followed by general public.

Late Registration and Payment

Individuals attending the Regional Jamborees must register and pay on site. On site registration will be limited to payment by credit card or cash (US dollars).

Full or Limited Access : What's included?

  • Full Access
  • Your Jamboree registration fee includes team presentations on Saturday, a social event on Saturday, and the awards ceremony on Sunday. The registration also covers refreshments on Friday evening during the team practice sessions; lunch and dinner on Saturday; and refreshments on Sunday.

    Full Access
    All events $ 425

  • Limited Access
  • In the interest of allowing family and friends of iGEM team members to support their family as they participate in iGEM, iGEM Headquarters will be implementing a limited access badge policy. Under this policy a general participant may register to attend ONE of the following Jamboree events and obtain a limited access badge for access to that event only. Access for limited access badge registrants will be on a first-come, first-serve, space available basis.

    Limited Access
    ONE Team Presentation $ 100
    ONE Poster Session $ 100
    Social Event SOLD-OUT
    Awards Ceremony $ 100

    Note that all of the above do not include processing fees.