sh-miR Designer

sh-miR Designer

A tool for construction of sh-miRs - RNA interference reagents.

Overall project:

sh-miR designer: a tool for construction of sh-miRs - RNA interference reagents

sh-miR Designer is a piece of software, which will enable fast and efficient design of potentially effective RNA interference (RNAi) reagents – shmiRs, called also artificial miRNAs. sh-miRs are RNA particles whose structure is based on miRNA precursor pri-miRNA, but sequence interacting with transcript is changed depending on research purpose. Maintenance of structure of pri-miRNA is very important to enable cellular processing and therefore ensure functionality of artificial particles. Sh-miR designer algorithm includes structural features. sh-miRs delivered to cells on genetic vectors – plasmids or viral vectors - enter natural RNAi pathway and silence target mRNA. They can be used in genetic therapies and basic biomedical research.