sh-miR Designer

sh-miR Designer

A tool for construction of sh-miRs - RNA interference reagents.

Who we are?

We are students of Computer Science Faculty at Adam Mickiewicz University. We are all into Python programming, that is why last year we have started PyCircle initiative which associate python programmer and enthusiasts in Poznań and promote this programming language among local programmers in general, not only from our University. During last year we managed to make few connections with institutions that use Python in business, what enables us to learn programming from professionalists. It is the main reason why we decided to write our project in mentioned language. Our areas of interest are – among others – algorithmics, network programming, bioinformatics, molecular medicine


  • Marcin Borkowski
  • Michał Ren


  • Sylwester Brzęczkowski
  • Mateusz Flieger
  • Piotr Rogulski
  • Michał Rostecki
  • Martyna Urbanek