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Project Description


As the omnipotent Tezcatlipoca (lord of earth and heaven in the Aztec mythology) we also wanted to create something special, so we were thinking what can we do using synthetic biology and then out of nothing we had an epiphany and got the idea for the iGEM competition. This year Biosint Mexico team will develop a smart probiotic. Even though Cinteotl (lord of the corn in the Aztec mythology) had been insisting us on doing something with corn and Tlaloc (lord of rain in the Aztec mythology) agreed with him promising us good rain if we had to raise crops, but still we decided to go for the probiotic.

Along the competition have been presented several projects about probiotics, nevertheless the main disadvantage is that most of them were not being created in a Lactobacillus strain. Because of this we will construct a Lactobacillus platform for others iGEM teams.

This time Quetzalcoatl helped us out giving us the idea of our pet that was used for the previous iGEM team, and this year is also representing our team as the official pet.
Continuing with the idea of the smart probiotic system we will also include a sensor for xenobiotic substances that will detect and decrease intoxications by pesticides. As the mighty cougar that rules the jungle, this smart probiotic will provide a possible solution for some health issues in the Mexican camp.