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Special Thanks

We would like to give our most significative thanks to all the people that supported and helped us. Specially thanks to the people that work in our university, Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus Queretaro, because of them we are right where we are now. At this moment, it is very likely that we are not be able to say whatever we want to them, despite this, we are very happy with their own contributions to our project.
We have to recognize that, specially this people, brought us answers that we were not able to find by ourselves. For us, for our team, and for our proyect, the most important thing they did was their support that came together with very useful advices.
Our special thanks are principally to:

-Dra. Sonia Vazquez Flores One of our principal advisors and encouragers to iniciate our team and project.

-Ing. Rodrigo Machado Our lastest president and now recently graduated, and the most important thing, our friend who always has been there for supporting us.

-Ing. David Maycotte Ex member of this team which we appreciate for his unconditional support.

-Ing. Antonio Villarreal Ex member of our team, actually now he is studying a mastery on Synthetic Biology in Paris, France. He helped a lot with the building of our construct.

-Aldo Diaz Ex member of this team, and our friend. We appreciate that he always helped in every problem we told him.

-Citlalli Rosas Director of "Grupos Estudiantiles" and principal advisor in our bureocratic procedures.

-Dr. Gerardo Montejano Director of Food Industry, Biotechnology and Agronomist Engineering School. He always has been supporting us in whatever we need related with the Department.

-Dr. Hector Morelos Director of Engineering and Architecture Division. He, just like Dr. Morelos did, supported and helped our project.

-Dr. Alejandro Olmos He teaches Enzimology and Biocatalisis. He did very significant things for us, just like giving us very worth advises and also he could acquire L. Plantarum for our project.

-Dr. Javier Rangel Molecular Biology and Biosensors teacher, that helped us at the begginig of our project solving some questions and bringing us ideas.

-Ambey Shree Shukla Molecular Diagnostic and Functional Genomics teacher. She is a very polite person, always gentle with the team. She also always showed respect and interest for helping in the project.

-Prashant Kumar Mishra Ex professor of Genetic Engineering. He was one of our first advisors, and no matter what, where, and when (even 2:00 a.m.) he was always for whatever we needed.