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Cholera Detection May - June Notebook: June 24 - June 30 Daily Log

Cholera Detection



Unfortunately over the weekend our PCR gel of the 8 transformed colonies did not show that CRO had been ligated into the plasmid. Each lane on the gel showed a band that was the same as the control. It could be that the ligation failed, or perhaps we didn't choose any colony that had taken up the plasmid and CRO. Whatever the reason be, we're troubleshooting. We submitted sequencing for two of the colonies (two for which we had overnights already prepared), and then we shifted gears from Lambda and CRO to our Quorum Sensing construct, about which Clarice knows the most. It's quite confusing. The only thing I feel confident saying is that the construct is NOT what we expect it to be. It is not what last year's iGEM group says it is. Kelton and Clarice submitted many sections of the plasmid for sequencing again. I spent most of my time working on the Children's Book. Our presentation at the Orem Library is July 9th.