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Small Phage July - August Notebook: July 1 - July 15 Experiment Listing

Small Phage

7.8 Mutagen Concentration Test - Fourth Protocol

This is our fourth round of mutagenesis. In contrast to the previous two, in which we either incubated phage with mutagen for 30 minutes or 22 hours, we tried 3 hours this time. Results from this experiment were confusing: titer between different mutagen concentration was not significantly different, although in terms of average 200ug mutagen formed the most number of plaques. After discussion, we were able to identify several source of error, one of which is the death of our stock phage. We will propagate and titer our phage next.

Detailed procedure: 7.8 Mutagen Concentration Test - Fourth Protocol

7.13 Phage Propagation Experiment

We performed two rounds of propagation to increase the titer of our phage stock. An accurate titer with x1 agar was then performed to confirm the concentration our newly generated phage stock.

Detailed procedure: 7.13 Phage Propagation Experiment