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Small Phage March - April Notebook: April 1 - April 14 Experiment Listing

Small Phage

4.3 Top Agar Stock Preparation

This is our recipe for LB and Top Agar.

Detailed procedure: 4.3 Top Agar Stock Preparation

4.5 T7 Phage Viability Assay

This was used to check if T7 4104 could grow on E. coli BL21 and to see what the concentration of the T7 4104 stock was. However, the T7 4104 could not grow on E. coli BL21.

Detailed procedure: 4.5 T7 phage viability assay

4.8 T7 Phage Viability Assay 2

From the spot tests on E. coli BL21 and E. coli W3110, we determined that T7+ could grow on both and the concentration of T7+

Detailed procedure: 4.8 T7 phage viability assay 2

4.10 T7 Phage Viability Assay 3

We used spot tests of T7+ and T7 (new) to see which phage stock had a greater concentration.

Detailed procedure: 4.10 T7 phage viability assay 3