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As regards for non-initiates, Biology could quickly appear as complicated and incomprehensible. From biology students’ point of view, we wanted Biology to be comprehensible by everyone. In this purpose, we made a game, available as for beginners in Biology as for more experimented people. With two levels of questions, you can even play with teenagers, from the age of sixteen. Moreover, this game could be used as a learning tool to help students test their knowledge in Biology. The aim of the game is to complete a project, based on existing Igem projects, by collecting a promoter, some biobricks and a terminator. To get these different parts, you need to answer questions about biology. To have more fun, we tried to illustrate some events of the life in the laboratory. You also have the possibility to exchange pieces with other players thanks to “Coffee break” squares. Once your project ends, the final step of the game is to climb the DNA ladder by answering six more questions. The first player to reach the center of the board wins. See below the board we designed and an example of a question (level beginners in Biology).

Picture of BioGame
Example of question