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Synthetic Biology and House of the future Since its creation, Igem has led to the birth of many projects. Every year, many of them could be seen as tools for everyday life in a near future. From this point of view, we imagined the “house of the future”, in which many of Igem projects have their place. It is surprising to see how many projects could be integrated in this house. To illustrate that, let us show what we imagined with some of the 2010 projects.The concept can be enlarged to other years in order to add value to all of these projects.

Picture of IGEM House
  • Garden

    • Team BCCS-Bristol: agrEcoli: Smarter farming through bacterial soil fertility sensors

    • Team Harvard: iGarden: an Open Source Toolkit for Plant Engineering

    • Team Michigan: Algae Bioflocculation for Biofuel Production and Bioremediation of Oil Sands Tailings Water =>for the lauwn mower or the car

    • Team Osaka: Continuous Greening Cycle

    • Team UTDallas: Enlisting E. Scherichia Holmes: A modular whole-cell biosensor for the detection of environmental pollutants

  • Kitchen

    • Team Bielefeld-Germany: MARSS - Modulated Acetosyringone Receptor Sensor System Defining Spiciness since 2010

    • Team Caltech: Towards the Production of a BioplasticBioprinter and Design for a General Printing Framework =>bio material

    • Team Tec-Monterrey: Development of a genetic frame for the creation of a concentration-sensitive bacterial senso

    • Team TzuChiU_Formosa: Nutrient synthesizer

  • Water

    • Team IvyTech-South_Bend: To Swim or Not to Swim? =>check water quality

  • Multimedia

    • Team Hong_Kong-CUHK: Bio-cryptography: information en/decryption and storage in E. cryptor

    • Team Yale: Manufacturing electrical circuits using localized microbial metal deposition

    • Team Macquarie_Australia: Engineering a Bacteriophytochrome switch – creating a controllable E. coli chameleon

    • Team UNAM-Genomics_Mexico: WiFi Coli, a Communicolight System

    • Team Missouri_Miners: The Electric Microbe: Making A Fuel Cell With E. coli

    • Team Newcastle: BacillaFilla: Filling Microcracks in Concrete =colle ?Team Sheffield: iCOLI: A water-borne pathogen detection system and an exploration of identity in synthetic biology

    • Team ETHZ_Basel: E. lemming – a remote controlled living robot

    • Team British_Columbia: A Multi-pronged Approach to Eliminating

  • Utilities

    • Team Cambridge: E.glowli: a bioluminescent future =>for the lighting

    • Team Duke: Engineering a Robust Genetic Switch

    • Team Groningen: Hydrophobofilm --- a self-assembling hydrophobic biofilm =>Insulating material

    • Team METU_Turkey: E-CO Sensor

    • Team NCTU_Formosa: Mosquito Intelligent Terminator, a genetically engineered, temperature controlled E. coli for killing wrigglers => Anti mosquito

    • Team Tokyo_Metropolitan: Life Design: Fine Clothing, Color Housing and Delicious Food by using E. coli

    • Team ULB-Brussels: Hydrocoli : How to make wastewater our new green energy source

    • Team Uppsala-Sweden: LevandeKlocka (Living Clock)