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About CAU (China Agricultural University)

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China Agricultural University (CAU) is one of thetop ranked key national universities in China. As the oldest agricultural higher education institution in China, CAU’s history can be dated back to October 1905, when the College of Agriculture was founded by the Qing Dynasty in the Jing Shi Da Xue Tang.

Tremendous efforts are being undertaken by CAU to build a university with distinct characteristics and some outstanding disciplines to become one of the top national universities. The ultimate goal of CAU is to make it one of the leading comprehensive, research-oriented and internationalized universities of the world as reflected by its mandate – Tackle Problems the People Face, Cultivate Talents the World Needs.

China Agricultural University has formed a comprehensive university with distinctive features and a dominant position in agricultural science. The strongest groups of disciplines at CAU are agriculture and life science, resources and environmental science, information and computer science, agricultural engineering and automation science, as well as economics, management and social sciences.

CAU is proud of the high qualifications of its academic professionals. All of them stand at the very front of their respective specialized fields not only in China, but also around the world. In addition to dozens of prestigious senior scientists, many renowned younger scientists have emerged.

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About iGEM lab

The iGEM &. innovation laboratory locates in the life science building. You can go there any time during the day. The conditions are satisfying. There is plenty of space for advanced equipments, such as Heraeus sepatechs, PCR instruments, super clean bench . And people who do experiments in the iGEM lab can feel convenient and enjoyable. Besides, people can also feel relaxed in the iGEM lab since there is also enough room for them to take a rest. No experiments can be taken there in order for people can rest safely.

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