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Yanfeng He

I believe that the synthetic biology has great potential to change the world, and it’s a good way to make the world a better place to live. I want to do some research about gastrointestinal microbiota and to learn how to cure those gastrointestinal diseases. My motto is "Tomorrow is another day! Strive for the best!"

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Yaqiu Wang

"Scientists investigate that which already is. Technologists create that which has never been." From a fermentation background, I am intrigue by the sense of achievement when observing my little creatures thriving in their destinies I designed. I’d like to be a technologist in the future career. But successes just occur occasionally with failures and despairs in most cases. That’s why I like to eat with our team members, to exercise with my friends, to talk, to relife, to make sense of all the unhappiness and happiness, which means, I’m pursuing being a scientist of my daily life.

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Tianyi Hao

I'm Tianyi Hao from CAU since I'm in senior grade. I was one of the earliest members in our team. I have a responsibility to manage the cost of our team. I am addicted to iGEM prgram, which can expand my imagination and improve my practical experiences that really make me love it. Although this is our first time to take the competition, I eager to our team can do a good job!

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Qiuyu Fu

Life is simple and life is complex. However to human’s surprise, almost all forms of life share the same basic components. There are rules to connect simple form and complex apparent just like the game of go .I believe all those rules will come out in same simple way. To pursue those rules is my lifelong career and nothing could make me more excited. I graduate from CAU and my specialized field is calculation biology. Hoping my effort could partly contribute to CAU iGem team's achievement.

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Sheng Wang

I'm an undergraduate of CAU,CBS and now doing research on human genetics. As one of the oldest members in our iGEM, I have witnessed the growth of our team. I hope our ideas can amaze you! And I hope our teams can be better and better!

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Zhenhai Du

Hello, everyone! I am Zhenhai Du, an undergraduate student from CAU. I has worked with the other guys for one year. The experience is an unforgettable journey for me. I enjoyed the synthetic biology so much that I’m doing research on artificial mitochondria now. I have no other words. Just pay your attention on us!

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Wenhong Cui

Cui wenhong, an undergraduate in his senior year, is an optimistic and hardworking man. He aims at science research and likes football very much. During the whole project, he thinks a lot and takes much experiment together with other team members.

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Xiaofei Song

I am a senior undergraduate student in College of Biology Science. The complex and logical system of life attract me a lot. I think it’s a good way to study the complicate system by abstracting basic parts out firstly. I mainly respond for the modeling and acid-resistant strains screening. IGEM brings me a great fun time!

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Dan Li

Hi! I’m Dan li. I am an undergraduate from China Agricultural University .I join in the CAU_China Team one year ago. I love science, especially the uncertainty it brings to me! In short, because of love , curiosity and guts, here I come!

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Yuan Wang

I am a rising junior at China Agricultural University majoring in Biological Science. My current professional interests are molecular biology, cell biology, and synthetic biology. I focus on the work relating to molecular cloning operation, such as construction of various basic plasmid backbones. Thanks for iGEM which provides an opportunity for me to make some awesome bacteria. I really have a wonderful time this summer as a part of the CAU iGEM team and learn a lot.

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You Wu

Hi, my name is You and nice to see you. Maybe I’m a mix of Wendy, Dorothy, Anne and Alice from those cute storybooks so every day I discover more and more beautiful things. And books, pictures and other artworks are always on my mind. I’m responsible for the art related works and other interesting missions (e.g. asking questions) in our team. It’s a joy to work in our team since everyone wants this summer to be special and We Are Smart :D

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Mengni Wang

I major in the science of biology in Agriculture University as an undergraduate and take up Applied Mathematics as a second degree. I dream to study biological science with the help of the essence of mathematics and do something big of innovation and originality in science. I am enthusiastic at volunteering and work as the captain of volunteers of the college biological science in my university in 2013-2014. My hobbies are watching movies, painting ,playing badminton and chess. What distinguishes me most-smiling.

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Meiwen Wang

I have been in Li Lab for more than half a year, working on magnetotactic bacterium, so amazing a creature! In daily life, I prefer doing some reading about medical science or literature. And to tell the truth, I’m also a completest to some extent, which really exhausts me sometimes. Very fortunately, I’ve got so many good friends since I joined this team. Everybody here is excellent and special. For my part, acid resistance domestication of E.coli(BL21) was the main work.

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Ji Xia

It is very important that we can design a experiment by ourselves, and make what we thought into reality, which really attracts me. Though research is interesting, some mistake often happen on my experiment. Maybe i cannot do things well in the first time, but i believe efforts can make up for it.I love doing things cool, just like experiment!

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Peng Qin

Peng Qin, or Roc, not freshman for iGEM’s work, but green hand for this project in lab. Appreciate this chance to apply the learned from course and books, acquire lab skills, develop scientific mind, meet great people and get the passion to drive me. Love to work on things interests or excites me without self-control, which means ignore the cost of time and energy.Synthetic Biology is an excellent tool to win the great power for mankind. All for human.

Our reserve force:

Li Chen

Chen Li

Shuchen Guo

Yue He

Wenjun Huang

Kai Li

Cunyuan Pan

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