Team:CSU Fort Collins/Acknowledgements



This summer, we faced numerous hurdles in our research and would not have been able to handle them without the generous assistance of many individuals and organizations. These contributors were essential to our progress and provided valuable aid in the form of insightful guidance (answers to "quick questions"), useful materials, and/or necessary financial assistance.

We would like to thank Dr. Santiago Di Pietro (Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, CSU) for his sharing some of his vast knowledge of molecular mechanisms of protein transport, for allowing the team access to yeast strains from his yeast-GFP collection, and for assisting in imaging yeast cells with Fluorescence Microscopy

We thank Dr. Mauricio Antunes (Special Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, CSU) for his insightful advice, time, and energy spent helping us this summer.

We thank Dr. Laurie Stargell (Professor, Department of Biochemistry, CSU) and several members of her lab for providing access to several strains from their yeast-knockout collection.

Finally, we encourage you to visit our Sponsors page, as without the financial or material help from those listed there, we would not be here now.