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A student pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Chemical and Biological Engineering, Lindsey was really excited to be a part of CSU's 2013 iGEM team. This is the first opportunity she has had to be a part of a collaborative engineering group effort outside of the classroom, and she learned a lot about the R&D side of the scientific field. She really enjoyed formulating the various project ideas and planning the execution of them. She took a special interest in the desalination project, and looks forward to continuing to work on it over the next couple of years. Outside of the academic realm, Lindsey loves to spend time in the Colorado outdoors and loves animals, and plans to eventually own and operate and non-profit, no-kill animal shelter in the Colorado foothills.



Adriana is in her second year at Colorado State University working to achieve her Bachelor's degree in Microbiology. She plans to either become a research scientist or attend Medical School to become a pathologist. iGEM is important to her because she has always had an interest in the subject since she first learned about it in High School. Her favorite part about iGEM is being able to learn new scientific methods as they relate to synthetic biology because most of the work she does in her lab is not synthetic biology. Her favorite project of the summer was the bike tire because she enjoyed being able to design something that was so unique. Adriana also works as a student in Karen Dobos's Tuberculosis Research Lab on campus.


Lindsey Ryan is a senior Biochemistry major at Colorado State University, with minors in Molecular Biology and Chemistry. Aside from iGEM, he currently works in the lab of Karolin Luger in the Department of Biochemistry and aspires to continue his studies and research by pursuing a PhD after graduating from CSU. When he isn’t working or studying, Ryan is an avid ultimate frisbee player, plays piano and guitar, has recently made a beer pilgrimage to Belgium, and enjoys getting outside to enjoy beautiful Colorado’s biking, running, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and hiking scenes. Go Broncos.


Guy He claims he's just a regular guy, but we don't believe him. Guy is the embodiment of natural biology and you can expect to see him on the cover of Home Brewer magazine any day now.


Colin Career Plans - After getting his biochemistry degree he plans on going into research in industry. Hopefully.
Why iGEM? - He needed cash for the summer and also synthetic biology research seemed like a pretty cool gig.
What are your other interests? - Hiking/camping, electronics, and the making and consuming of beer.
How did you hear about the club? - Guy Stewart posted fliers around campus about seeking members for CSU iGEM and he went to the meeting.
Favorite Part - Designing the projects and thinking about how to get our ideas to work.
Learning Experience - He learned that he don't know how to do Gibson Assemblies. He also learned how to use fluorescence microscopy to see the GFP tagged proteins in yeast.
Favorite Beer/Movie - Rail Yard Ale (Wynkoop) and The Blues Brothers.



Andrew received his bachelors from CSU in psychology in 2012, but had a change of heart after shadowing a brain surgery in Denver that summer. This spawned his interest in medicine and biology, which led to courses involved in synthetic biology. While working with Dr. Thorsten in the Human Performance Lab on campus, a colleague invited him to a club meeting he attending later that day, the CSU iGEM club. It was there that he heard of the competition and a possible opening for a team member position. Despite ridiculous odds, little to no background knowledge, and no real connection to the club, he applied. He was shocked to be offered the position a few weeks later.

Andrew plans on attending graduate school in a biomedical concentration, and attending medical school in the near future. His hobbies include hockey, guitar, snowboarding, and enjoying the amazing Colorado outdoors with his dog. Oh, and drinking beer, especially Guy’s delicious gluten free beer.

Favorite Beer: New Belgium’s TransAtlantic.

Favorite Movie: Fight Club