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19 September 2013

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Lab 115

Main purpose

The purpose of this experiment is to measure nitric and nitrous oxide from the Nir transformant anaerobically while we spike it with nitrite.

The Experiment 2 describes further our investigation.

Who was in the lab

Kasia, Ariadni


This experiment is based on the Protocol of Experiment 2 for the Nir transformant, with some changes.

The experiment started with a temperature of around 37 o C, initial OD of 0.1036 and initial volume of 200 ml. After resuspension the OD was really low around 0.0329.

The experiment starts, taking one sample and after 7 minutes, a second spike and then we spike with 2ml of nitrite and we take two samples. Afterwards we also spike with 2 ml of nitrite again and finally take one more sample.


Colorimetric results


  • Measuring range 5-150 mg/L NH4-N
  • Measuring range 0.02-1 mg/L NO2-N

salt (mg/L) sample 1 sample 2 sample after spike sample 4 sample 5
ammonium <2 <2 <2 <2 <2
nitrite <0.02 <0.02 0.74 1.24 1.34

Nir Transformed E. coli



The NO sensor was drifting and no proper results were obtained.

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