iGEM Dundee 2013 · ToxiMop

Presenting, the ToxiMop flash game! This was made for us over the course of a few weeks by a group of five undergraduate students from the University of Abertay, Dundee. They go by the name “Digital Janitors” and are made up of two computer artists and three programmers. We’d like to thank them for devoting their time and energy into the game, as they treated it as a summer project to help us out!

The aim of the game is simple: you are a PP1-expressing E. coli cell, under attack from evil toxin-producing Microcystis aeruginosa cyanobacteria!

Mop up their troublesome toxic action by firing PP1 and converting them into harmless cyanobacteria, increasing your multiplier for each mopped cell that reaches the centre of the petri dish. Increase your firing speed by picking up the small arrows that enemies drop, increasing your mopping power! Watch out though! Every evil cyanobacteria that reaches the centre of the dish will destroy your multiplier and take away one of your three lives. Lose all three and its game over!

Digital Janitors and the Dundee iGEM team would like to point out that the ToxiMop doesn’t literally fire PP1 to mop up microcystin, the ToxiMop works more like an actual mop! For precise details check out the mop section of our Wiki!

Download ToxiMop

If you simply want to down and play the game at your own leisure in your web browser, download the following files available via github. This folder will contain all source code in order to modify the game, alongside all files required to play the game. : Download Available Here.

Play the game online

In order to play our game online you will need to be redirected to a website outside of iGEM. The website you will be redicted to will provide a return link to the igem homepage alongside navigation to all Dundee iGEM 2013 Webpages. To leave the wiki and view the game : Play Here.