Results summary

  • We tested the growth of our experimental strain, Bacillus subtilis 168, under various conditions relevant to the work we are going to perform.

  • We tested the Kanamycin resistance conferred by pTG262 in B.subtilis and E.coli.

  • We created an assembly to demonstrate that Fur box is able to repress gene expression upon exposure to high iron concentrations.

  • We cloned a Neisserial Ferric binding protein A (FbpA) as a BioBrick.

  • We generated a fusion of Pyruvate decarboxylase (Pdc) and Alcohol dehydrogense B (AdhB). We characterised it thoroughly and demonstrated that such co-localisation can increase ethanol production at least twofold.

  • We cloned SinR and analysed biofilm formation in WT B.subtilis.

  • We had a great summer, and plan to have fun at the Regional Jamboree.