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Team summary

The Edinburgh iGEM 2013 team consists of 9 student members (6 biologists, an engineer, an informatician and an artist), 6 instructors and 6 advisors. We would like to thank our supervisors, who had immense impact on all aspects of our project and the advisors who had to withstand our questions in the lab. Working together was a fabulous experience, which we all greatly enjoyed.

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Student members

Aleksandra Lewicka.png Aleksandra Lewicka

Biotechnology student from Poland, starting her final year in 2013. Apart from working in the lab, she’s the heart and soul of our human practices. In her scarce free time, she enjoys playing Starcraft and other complex video games. Favourite song is "Maszynka do świerkania" by Czesław Mozil.

Christiana Pashkuleva.png Christiana Pashkuleva

Computer Science student from Bulgaria, starting her PhD in Informatics in 2013. She also doesn’t mind helping out and getting her hands wet in the lab. Favourite quote “I don’t know, but I can try!” Favourite song is "Horchat Hai Caliptus" by Ishtar.

Dainius Tautvaišas.png Dainius Tautvaišas

Biotechnology student from Lithuania, starting his final year in 2013. Sacrificed his career as an Ambercombie & Fitch model to become a scientist. His favourite quote is “No problem” [pronounce: /но проблем/]. His favourite music is deep-house and old tunes from classic Russian movies.

Gavin Blackhurst.png Gavin Blackhurst

Fine Arts student from Scotland, starting his 4th year in 2013. Has the best and most interesting fashion sense in the group. He presents himself as a man of leisure who enjoys long walks, good food and classical music. Favourite song is “San Francisco” by Global Deejays. WLTM tall blonde with similar interests and GSOH.

Harry Thornton.png Harry Thornton

Genetics student from England, starting his final year in 2013. Coincidentally, he is the most tenacious tea drinker in the group, who enjoys privacy.

Hugo Villanueva.png Hugo Villanueva

Biotechnology student from France, starting his final year in 2013. Hugo’s favourite quotation is “YOLO” and favourite songs are "Rampin’ shop" by Vybz Kartel and “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire.

Jan Łyczakowski.png Jan Łyczakowski

Biotechnology student from Poland, starting his final year in 2013. The most hardworking and ambitious member. Favourite quotations are “I have to check” and “Nie nie nie” [English = nah nah nah]. His favourite song is “Viva Las Vegas” by the one and only Elvis Presley.

Kyle.PNG Kyle Rothschild-Mancinelli

Molecular Biology student from the USA, starting his final year in 2013. Biggest fan of celery and humus in the group and his favourite desert is ants on a log. Top quote “Hmm, can I get back to you?” Changed from playing saxophone to bagpipes, because that attracts more ladies. Fact. Favourite song “American Idiot” by Green Day

Weike Xiao.png Weike Xiao

Engineering student from China, starting his PhD in Engineering and Electronics in 2013. His preferred second name is Rick and favourite quote is “Lovely!” His favourite song is an all-time classic Nursery Rhyme “London Bridge is Falling Down” that always cheers him up!


  • Dr Chris French
  • Prof. Vincent Danos
  • Dr Louise Horsfall
  • Prof. Alistair Elfick
  • Dr Jane Calvert
  • Justinas Šlikas


  • Dr David Radford
  • Dr Jon Marles-Wright
  • Lina Gasiūnaitė
  • Eugene Fletcher
  • Dr Maryia Trubitsyna
  • Dr Emma Frow