The beast and its Achilles heel:

 A novel target to fight multi-resistant pathogenic bacteria

Team Göttingen!

Hello, here are greetings from Göttingen!

An international group of ambitious and enthusiastic master students of the master programs "Microbiology and Biochemistry", "Developmental, Neural, and Behavioral Biology" and "Molecular Biology" of the Georg-August-University of Göttingen, has teamed up once again to participate in the iGEM competition 2013.

Our team is supported by Prof. Dr. Stülke, Dr. Fabian Commichau and Dr. Katrin Gunka(Department of General Microbiology). They act as advisors for our project and support us in planning and organizing.

As the achievements and the stories of our iGEM team 2012 impressed us, the iGEM competition caught our attention. The idea of having our own research project including planning, organizing, fund raising, designing and performing experiments convinced us to participate this year to continue and distribute the iGEM spirit.

We are the ones who know how to have fun when PCRs don’t work, when proteins refuse to be expressed, when gels are a total mess and when the deadline is just about to hit us. To know more, click HERE!

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