The beast and its Achilles heel:

 A novel target to fight multi-resistant pathogenic bacteria


Dominik Becker

Hi, my name is Dominik.

Who I am you ask? I’m the guy who is always a little loud, a little bit grumpy, a little bit over the top. The only thing I am not is little. Although my friends call me a little prick sometimes, they know they can always rely on me for help or make them smile after a long day in the lab.

If you want to look me up at any iGEM event, look out for the tall redhead with the cigarette.


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Jan Gundlach

When I was a child, I always wanted to keep track of everything happening around me and also to keep everything organized. I guess that this hasn’t changed since then, so I “earned” the nickname Sheriff. Even though I try to control these, sometimes annoying, characteristics, they manage to burst out from time to time.

Anyway, if you still want to find me at any iGEM event, you can also look out for a quite tall guy, but in contrast to Dominik I’m not redheaded and I won’t have a cigarette on me.

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Nina Heckmann

I live in Göttingen since the start of my Bachelor studies and did my Bachelor thesis at the European Neuroscience Institute Göttingen. At their department of developmental neurobiology I worked on the identification of somatosensory-neuron-specific enhancers. Right know I study the DNB (Developmental, Neural and Behavioral Biology) - Master. I would like to focus on cancer research or other human diseases like Multiplies sclerosis.

iGEM is a great project where we start our own laboratory work and besides we can learn things like self organization and responsibility for our project. Our topic of antibiotic resistances is a serious problem. Finding ways to tackle it is worthwhile the work.

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Samuel Kroll

Hey guys, my name is Samuel Kroll. I’m in the second semester of the Msc/PhD Microbiology & Biochemistry program. I already did my Bachelor in Göttingen and did my thesis in the research group of Prof. Volker Lipka, where I was working on Plant-Microbe-Interactions. During my bachelor, I also went for one semester abroad to Copenhagen. There I learned to appreciate an international atmosphere and to meet people from all over the world. The iGEM project is a great opportunity to improve your organization skills, but also to meet a variety of people from all over the world. Hope to you in Boston!

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Miriam Leonard

Hello everybody! My name is Miriam Leonard and I am currently studying in the second semester of the Master’s program “Microbiology and Biochemistry”. Having finished my bachelor’s degree in “Molecular biology” in Göttingen, I decided to stay here for several reasons. There is always something going on in the city, here are loads of labs in various fields one can explore and, furthermore, I knew if I stayed in Göttingen I could participate in the iGEM competition. I am very happy to be on this team and am looking forward to achieving our goals! Besides working in the lab all day, I enjoy playing handball for the university team as well as for the club “Rosdorf-Grone”.

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Christina Pätz

My Name is Christina Pätz and I’m in the second semester of the Msc Microbiology and Biochemistry program. I have completed my bachelor degree in Molecular Biotechnology at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. Due to my Bachelor thesis I’ve developed a microbiological risk analysis for a production process of a pharmaceutical producer. Before starting my Master studies in Göttingen, I had spent one year in Australia working and travelling. Therefore I’m looking forward to work in this ambitious and international Team.

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Sören Rindfleisch

Hey folks,

My name is Sören and the fact that I needed to write this little text more than four month might describe me quite well. I`m studying also "Microbiology and Biochemistry" and as you might see, endless days of cloning, trying and mistaking have manifested on the top of my head. And doubtless, the thousand cloning attempts during iGem didn't make it better. Nevertheless, success was worth it I guess.

Cheers Sören

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Jonathan Rosenberg

Hello, my name is Jonathan Rosenberg and I am studying Developmental, Neural and Behavioral Biology at the Georg-August-University Göttingen. For my Bachelor´s thesis, I specialized in developmental biology and worked at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, where I characterized a Drosophila mutant. Now I am working with my fellow "soon-to-be-researchers" of the iGEM-Team to make the world a little better place. With our project, we are likely to open up a whole new chapter of antibiotics-research, eventually saving the lives of many infected patients. So you better expect us at Boston!

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Stephanie Schäfer

My Name is Stephanie Schäfer, but everyone calls me Steffi. I am in the second semester of the MSc/PhD Microbiology and Biochemistry program. I did my Bachelor thesis at the University of Göttingen in the department of plant biochemistry, where I have developed a semi-quantitative nano-ESI-MS² method for the analysis of the wax ester content of transgenic oil seeds. After my Bachelor I completed an internship in clinical research and worked on the sumoylation of p35/CDK5 which plays a crucial role in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer.

I participate in the iGEM project because it is a great opportunity to improve the coordination of lab work and organization of experiments and to meet other international teams

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Katrin Treffon

Well, there is not much to say: I did my Bachelor studies in Biology in Göttingen, my Bachelor thesis was in Genetics. After a single Master semester in Biochemistry in Düsseldorf, I went “ruefully” back to Göttingen. Now, I’m studying “Microbiology & Biochemistry”. My scientific interests range from everything to nothing in particular: All types of eukaryotes or prokaryotes. Their evolution, ecology, physiology and molecular biology. Even non-living stuff like Physics and Chemistry is fine. The reason why I’m participating in our iGEM team? - Sounds like fun.

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Bingyao Zhu

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