We have thought of this project by ourselves, so it was not an assignment from one of our supervisors. The supervisors and advisers only had influence on the team as a consultant.

Brain storming and discussing

All the students had read lots of literature and taken part in the brain storms offering new ideas. The brain storms began in March 2013. and last for a long time. What's more, we have meetings on Sundyas to discuss our project and share achievements with each other.


The experiments were leading by Xiangmiao Zeng, Xingchen Zhai, Yifan Wu and Kang Yang. Besides, the sophomores often comes to give a hand and learn some basic skills of experiments as well.


Modeling was done by Xiangmiao Zeng and Yifan Wu. They learnt a lot themselves and Pro. Xu trained them sometimes. Finally, thanks for MATLAB.


The logo was designed by Ying Zhang and Kunming Zhao. T-shirt, poster, postcard, brochure for our sponsors and our human practice, were made by Yifan Wu and Pro. Xu. Yujing Ouyang and Ye Hua designed our PPT background. And thanks for the help and advice provided by the other students.


All of us joined the process of making wiki this summer, with the coding work by Hongfei Zhang. Yujing Ouyang and Lecheng Ruan translate our work into English. Gathering materials, designing our own style and making it, everyone is enjoying it.

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