• The HIT-Harbin team is comprised of 21 motivated students across a wide range of academic backgrounds this year: from freshman to senior, from biology to electromechanics. our common dream makes us together, leads us to realize the passion for science, gives us energy to stay up late in the lab. We have been taking great efforts to make our dream come true and enjoying the happiness and sadness in the process.

    We have experienced a nice summer this year. Tears and sweats mingled. Staying up late and sleeping in the lab is an unforgettable experience for me, though our device do not work as what our model predicts. I would not forget the day we successfully linked two standard biological parts together for the first time, the feeling when we failed to see our E.coli culture becoming red, and the help from our teachers and other team members... Given more time, we would go further.--zeng