Hanna is new in the team as an advisor and will support us during the project. We have to book hotel and train tickets for her.


Three Freiburg team mmbers have been to Heidelberg monday/tuesday for cooperation. We did a Gibson Assembly with their constructs and transformed e. coli via electroporation and chemical transformation. After having dinnner they left the next day.


  • Klaus-Tschira-Stiftung supports us
  • eppendorf supports us with consumables and hardware to lend


plan for web-interface and software/database-structure

  • webinterface is ready to feed the database with details to single NRPSs; we will provide the software with about 10-20 NRPS pathways.
  • getting the single domains is time consuming. automatization?
  • -> tool to connect Pfam, clustalO and NCBI to automatically get domain borders for the databas!


  • delftibacin
    • DelH is amplified; cloning using gibson approach after reassemlby of backbone
    • Del-rest: single parts are missing
  • indigoidine
    • first Streptomyces strain didn't carry our gene of interest; new strain arrived today
    • construct with exchangeable PPTases (gibson or restriction)
  • tyrocidine
    • module shuffling to test concept of modularity
    • bacterial strain is there, primer will be there next week
    • almost no restriction sites for RFC25


  • DelH is few days in delay, backbone causes trouble
  • DelRest is somewhat in plan
  • Indigoidine is two weeks in delay but no other project part is influenced since we decided to start the tyrocidine part in parallel
  • Tyrocidine; few days in delay because of primer shipment
  • iGEM42; part time work is sufficient as expected
  • NRPS-library; milestones need to be set; until now in time
  • genomic integration; back-up strategy to clone the methylmalonyl-CoA-pathway on a plasmid to validate our delftibactin-e.coli-strain

human practise

  • panel discussion
  • life science lab, schools, essay on gold recovery
  • discuss with NGOs about gold recovery, ecology and economy
  • regional small jewelries, maybe for sponsoring
  • interaction with lab-art project in summer
  • publications in, RNZ, Uni-Zeitung, ...
  • don't put too much time in human practise

next meeting

with supervisors: tuesday July 30th; 5.30 pm