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Blogging Synthetic Biology


For one of our human practice projects, our team investigated the current development of synthetic biology in some of the Asian countries. While doing research, we found out that synthetic biology is really a new field in science and that is not well-known in Asia. In fact, when some of our members tried to research information about synthetic biology in Cantonese, we could not find any webpages dedicated to share information about synthetic biology for the public in Hong Kong. To address this observation, we have decided to use an easily accessible platform called Google Blogger. This blog will be used as a means to introduce synthetic biology, share our experience and our project, and report current events related to synthetic biology. It will be written in Chinese and English so that the vast majority of people in Hong Kong can read it easily and pay more attention to this new field in science. By providing holistic and informational blog posts, we aim at raising the public awareness to synthetic biology.

A Sneak Peek of Our Blog