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Our team thought that presentations would be an effective method to fulfill one of our goals that our human practice team set up: provision of information for the public. Our team originally planned to do one presentation for freshmen School of Science students at HKUST, but we ended up being involved in five different presentations. Three of the presentations have already been conducted, while the other two presentations will be conducted after the wiki freeze.

Presentations with other iGEM Teams

This year our team had the opportunity to interact with other universities: South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC), and Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). On August 17th, we met SUSTC team members at our university. We hosted a semi-formal event where each team had a chance to present and share their project. We also had a Q&A session after each project so that we could discuss the projects in more detail. After the presentations, we ate lunch together and had a tour around our campus. We also participated in a similar event in CUHK on 24th August. This time, three teams – the HKUST, CUHK, and SUSTC teams – participated.

Presentation for HKUST Students

Our team did a presentation for HKUST freshmen from School of Science on September 27th. During the presentation, we introduced synthetic biology and the iGEM competition, briefly described our project, and encouraged students to join the next iGEM team. We also did another presentation for freshmen of the School of Engineering after the Regional Jamboree on October 9th with similar content. Both presentations received enthusiastic response from the students.


Our team plans to hold a workshop at the Hong Kong InnoCarnival event on November 10th. InnoCarnival is a flagship event of the InnoTech Month organized by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC). It aims to let members of the public experience scientific and technological discoveries at a more intimate level. Our talk will introduce synthetic biology to the public and share our experience working in the wet lab experiments and human practice activities done to demonstrate the qualities of synthetic biology to the general and medical community. We believe this will be a great opportunity to educate the Hong Kong community on the topic.