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We were given a great opportunity by Dr. PVM Rao to give a presentation on iGEM to the incoming batch of students at IIT Delhi for the course "Introduction to Engineering" to about 800 students.. We specifically focused on synthetic biology as for many in our audience this was a term which they’d never heard of before. The presentation was also given with the aim to share with the audience the experiences which we gained while working on a scientific project. We received an enthusiastic response from our audience along with messages from inquisitive freshers who were interested in learning more about synthetic biology. We hope our presentation ignited an initial spark towards research in synthetic biology in some members of our audience. Below are some pictures from our presentation.

Feel Free to contact us at igemiitdelhi2013 at gmail dot com if you have queries; requests; suggestions et cetera.

Thanks to iGEM and IIT Delhi,
we had an awesome summer!
Our Project was supported by and done by the students

 of IIT Delhi, India.

This project was done as a part of iGEM:
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