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Making a Comprehensive Bacterial pH sensor

The idea is to create a biological device that can utilize the continuous nature of transcriptional regulation (that is a more accurate representation of reality as opposed to discrete circuits) and give a gradient response. pH based response systems have not been taken up extensively in iGEM as such and offer fertile grounds for research in this field of study. A primary reason for this can be that most of the biosensors are designed to facilitate maximum growth. However, pH sensing is based on challenging this very concept.

Our idea is to combine the studies exploring pH inducible promoters in molecular biology with logical systems present in the iGEM parts registry to create a Global Bacterial pH sensor akin to the Universal pH Indicator. We have made a mathematical model of our circuit and simulated it on MATLAB to observe the response characteristics. We have also indicated through a simple wet lab experiment that RFP degradation is independent of pH.

Feel Free to contact us at igemiitdelhi2013 at gmail dot com if you have queries; requests; suggestions et cetera.

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