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Indian Institute of Technology Madras


As is said popularly in society, “Team work is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results ” and let there be no doubt that there has been a long list of people and organizations that have helped us in many ways so that we can keep working towards this project independently and with our own creative ideas right since it’s conception.

First and foremost we are ever so grateful to the Department of Biotechnology, IIT Madras and more so to the Head of Department- Prof. Mukesh Doble and Senior Prof. K.B. Ramachandran for believing in the project and supporting it from the very beginning.

Dr. Mukesh Doble
Process control,
Chemical engineering,
I.I.T. Madras
Dr. K B Ramachandran
Bioprocess Engineering Lab

We would also like to thank the Cardiovascular Genetics Group mentored by our iGEM team Faculty Advisor Prof. N.R. Mahapatra for being generous with their lab resources and helping us out with advice on experimental design and running of experiments.

Cardiovascular Genetics Lab, (From left to right) Prasanna ReddyAllu, Abrar Ali Khan, Binu Sasi, Vinayak Gupta, Bhargavi, Kalyani Ananthamohan

We are especially grateful to some graduate students who were kind enough to help us out with their abundant knowledge and with experiments that we had to do for the purpose of our project that they themselves were experts at. A big thank you to Parshuram J Sonawne for guiding us whenever we went to him whether it was with troubleshooting failed experiments or designing new ones. We also want to thank Prashant Kumar for giving us fast-track tutorials on peptide purification and helping us out on our experiments related to the same. And last but not the least, thanks to Vasanthan Ravichandran for helping us out with the HPLC experiments.

We feel truly blessed to have such a helpful and enthusiastic senior graduate students who were willing to help us in any way that they could.

Parshuram J Sonawane
Research Scholar,
Cardiovascular Genetics Lab,
IIT Madras
Prashant Kumar
Research Scholar,
Signal Transduction Lab,
IIT Madras
Vasanthan Ravichandras
Research Scholar,
Chemical Biology Lab,
IIT Madras

We are extremely grateful to our ever supportive alumni- Dr. Shrikuman Sooryanarayanan, The Batch of 1979 (IIT Madras) Alumni fund and its Chairman, Dr. Dhinakar Kompala- for recognizing the value of our project, encouraging us to take it forward and for all the financial assistance they provided throughout the project. We would also like to acknowledge and thank Mr. Suresh at the International & Alumni Relations Office and our Dean IAR, Dr. R. Nagarajan for their support and for helping us to get in touch with our alumni.

Finally we are very grateful to the center for Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research (IC & SR) at IIT Madras for supporting our project and sponsoring it through their “Innovative Student Project” scheme for hi-tech undergraduate student projects.