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We made an experiment every day. It was process at trial and error.

Basic task

Date:8/19 Miniprep
Date:8/20 Miniprep
Date:8/22 Miniprep
Date:8/28 Miniprep
Date:9/3 Miniprep
Date:9/12 Miniprep

Creating parts of HlyA and pGLO

Date:8/8 Design of the primer
Date:8/9 Transformation
Date:8/12 Subcluture
Date:8/13 Colony PCR of HlyA and Electrophoresis
Date:8/16 Transformation,Subcluture and Electrophoresis
Date:8/22 PCR of HlyA
Date:8/27 PCR and Electrophoresis
Date:9/11 The refinement of DNA
Date:9/11 Infusion

Creating parts of GFP

Date:8/20 Colony PCR and Electrophoresis
Date:8/21 Colony PCR and Electrophoresis
Date:8/23 PCR and Electrophoresis
Date:8/24 PCR and Electrophoresis
Date:8/28 PCR
Date:8/29 PCR and Electrophoresis
Date:8/30 Subcluture and PCR
Date:9/5 Subcluture
Date:9/6 Colony PCR and Electrophoresis
Date:9/9 PCR
Date:9/10 PCR
Date:9/18 PCR and Transformation
Date:9/19 Colony PCR

Creating parts of IL-10AR,IL-10BR and STAT3

Date:8/30 Colony PCR and Electrophoresis
Date:8/31 Colony PCR and Electrophoresis
Date:9/5 Colony PCR and Electrophoresis of IL-10AR and IL-10BR
Date:9/6 Colony PCR and Electrophoresis of STAT3
Date:9/6 PCR and infusion of IL-10AR and IL-10BR
Date:9/9 Infusion of IL-10R
Date:9/9 PCR of STAT3
Date:9/11 Infusion of IL-10R and STAT3