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Secret garden

Congratulations! You've found our secret garden! Follow the instructions below and win a great prize at the World jamboree!

  • A video shows that two of our team members are having great fun at our favourite company. Do you know the name of the second member that appears in the video?
  • For one of our models we had to do very extensive computations. To prevent our own computers from overheating and to keep the temperature in our iGEM room at a normal level, we used a supercomputer. Which centre maintains this supercomputer? (Dutch abbreviation)
  • We organised a symposium with a debate, some seminars and 2 iGEM project presentations. An iGEM team came all the way from the Netherlands to present their project. What is the name of their city?

Now put all of these in this URL:, (loose the brackets and put everything in lowercase) and follow the very last instruction to get your special jamboree prize!

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Hannah Arendt

Public judgement & common sense


The borders of synthetic biology

The End User

Our idea is being supported!


Ensuring the future of science


Lectures for the general public


You are here!

We were contacted by several journalists who were interested in our project. Two articles in some of the most popular newspaper of Flanders were published about our project and Flore gave a great interview on Radio 2 (the biggest radio station in Flanders). After the European Jamboree, the Flemish Television Broadcast (VRT) was interested and we appeared in the news bulletin. Almost 2 million people saw us on television!


We were contacted by the Flemish television broadcast (VRT) on the 14th of October. We have got an item in the national news "Het Journaal". Almost 2 million people saw our item. You can find the news item on YouTube (in Dutch)



We were also contacted by a Flemish radio station (Radio 2) and Flore gave an interview about our project and our symposium. You can listen to the interview here (in Dutch).


We sent out a press article in relation to our symposium. The Belgian press picked it up and we published an article in two newspapers. Our article was published in De Morgen and Het Laatste Nieuws, which is the most popular newspaper in Flanders.

After the European Jamboree a regional paper published an article about our project, iGEM and our gold medal.

DeMorgen and HLN

Eos Article


EOS, a popular scientific magazine, is one of our sponsors us and showed a lot of interest in our project. It's a Dutch magazine, monthly spread in the Netherlands and Belgium. In the EOS edition of September, you can find the article about modified wheat and about our project.


Tertio is a weekly magazine that follows the current affairs and adds a critical opinion from a Christian point of view. In the publication of september 25th, they dedicated no less than three full pages to synthetic biology and our iGEM project in particular. On top of that, we were also covered on the front page! The topics mentioned in the dossier were an interview with our instructor and post-doc researcher Ingmar Claes (see picture), an overview of current ethical issues in synthetic biology with the contribution of professor Hub Zwart, professor in Philosophy, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands. In the third article, we took the work of the philosopher Hans Jonas into synthetic biology. The concepts he uses and develops in his works are of great interest in the ethical debate around synthetic biology. Professor Luc Anckaert from KU Leuven in Belgium and professor Bert Blans from the School of Catholic Theology of the Tilburg University, The Netherlands contributed to this article.
You can read the full dossier (in Dutch) in Tertio.

Tertio dossier

Flanders Today

Flanders today is an initiative of the Government of Flanders. They wants to inform expats regadering the Flemish culture, science, economy and society. It's a weekly paper and they also have a website with the most recent issues. Concerning education, they published an article about synthetic biology and our project.


FlandersBio is a dynamic non-profit organisation which supports the life sciences organisations involved with Research and Development or production. It’s an organisation with more than 270 members. Beside supporting the companies, they also try to enhance the growth of the life sciences industry abroad. They posted on their news page an article about the European Jamboree and our project.

Landbouw Leven

Landbouw Leven

Our bacterium could be very useful for agricultural uses. So we went to the annual farmers market in Leuven and talked to some farmers about our project and about synthetic biology. ‘Landbouw Leven’ (Agriculture Life) was interested and posted our press text on their website.


VILT is the flemish infocentre for agri- & horticulture. Their mission is to stimulate knowledge about agriculture through information and communication in an independent way. They mentioned our project on their website (in Dutch). We are very happy to get the support of the VILT, which is an institute with name and fame.




We made a flyer (in Dutch) to inform the general public and to promote our project and symposium. The flyer contains information about synthetic biology, iGEM and our project E. coligy: plants with BanAphids. We distributed the flyers to students in Leuven, to farmers on the annual farmers market in Leuven, at Prominant (a rural event in Geel where you can meet farmers and taste local products) and to friends and family. With these flyers we tried to reach the general public.

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