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Synbiologica Ltd

Financial Projections

Monthly Income Statement

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Our monthly Income statement is used to represent and track our funding sources against our expense. Our lab consumables are notably higher than required right now to balance spending over the course of the project. The rent we are paying currently only represents the internet costs and parking fees, as the space at Tecconect is being provided free of charge from winning the Chinook Entrepreneur Challenge.

Monthly Cash Flow Forecast

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Our monthly cash flow helps us track our expenses along with a running balance of available funds. The cash position at the end of each month is carried over to the beginning of the next month and any income or expenses are added or deducted respectively.

Quarterly Income Statement

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The quarterly income statement helps us track our expenditures and income throughout the year. From this sheet we are able to determine our given spending patterns and when in our development we will need required investment. Additionally it can tell us how to strategically align grant and funding programs and where we can appropriately place government assistance programs such as the Industry Research Assistance Program (IRAP). As we move forward we can input our monthly cash flow and income statements to compare with our projects. This can be used to help ensure future projections are on par with expectation based on past experience. We are planning on using a staged investment strategy where continued investment is based on the team achieving previously set milestones with the investor. These projections have outlined a breakeven point in our third year following commercialization.