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Synbiologica Ltd

Company Profile

Synbiologica Ltd is a private biotechnology company based in the vibrant community of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. They utilize principles from the field of synthetic biology to design and develop innovative biologically focused technology in molecular detection and production for biomedical application. Synbiologica Ltd. is currently developing a novel hormone detection method to bring real-time diagnostic results to the research, agriculture, and medical industries. Synbiologica Ltd. is operated by its officers with help from its extensive board of advisors who bring experience from industry, neuroscience, biochemistry, and business management. Synbiologica Ltd. has successfully achieved first place standings in both The South Venture Business Plan Competition and The Chinook Entrepreneurial Challenge. They have acted as advisers to local high school students which lead to the students winning a world championship at the 2013 High School International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition (iGEM) and are competing in the 2013 Entrepreneurial iGEM Competition. Synbiologica Ltd. embraces a passion for science, education, and innovation to design and create novel diagnostic technology.