iGEM 2012


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miRNA Signal

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  • siRNA Characterization
  • Exosome Isolation and Co-Culturing
  • Cell-Cell Co-Culturing

Protein Signals

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  • GFP
  • rtTA3
  • Cre
  • L7Ae
  • Cas9-VP16

Novel DNA Sensor: Cas9 Split Venus Fusion

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  • Leucine Zipper Fusion
  • DNA Sensing

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Our instructors and other individuals from outside the Weiss lab provided the training necessary for us to conduct our work. Deepak Mishra and Brian Teague, two of our advisors, taught cloning and experimental techniques, conducted training on fluorescence microscopy on the Zeiss scope, and operated FACS and the confocal microscope. Jonathan Babb, also an advisor, helped teach cloning techniques and assisted the team with the liquid handling robot. Nathan Kipniss, a member of the 2012 MIT iGEM team, assisted with the initial tissue culture training. We were lucky to have Samira Kiani, whose work inspired the Cas9-CRISPR parts of our project, to advise out team. Her help with training and with design and assembly strategies was invaluable. We would also like to thank the 2012 MIT iGEM team for providing our wiki design. Without all of these contributions, our work this summer would not have been possible.

Otherwise, all of the data presented on the results page was generated by members of the 2013 MIT iGEM team, with the exception of FACS and some microscopy, time-lapse images in particular.