Team:MSOE Milwaukee/Week1


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Week 1


Today was our introduction to iGEM! We went over general concepts of iGEM: working together, incorporating modeling with design, creating an input/output system, and collaborating with other teams. We then partnered up, and each group was given time to briefly research a past iGEM project and present it to the others. We repeated this practice twice, forming different groups each time.


We spent the evening brainstorming ideas for projects. Anything and everything was accepted for our first list, and then we narrowed our ideas down to five main concepts. Our session concluded with the task for each person to research each of the five topics, plus one extra one that interested each individual student. Our five concepts:

*Extremophiles in car engines: biofilm to degrade harmful emissions
*Water contamination clean-up
*Spoilage of food detection or prevention
*Pet fecal matter decomposition
*Radiation shield for spacecraft


Today we individually researched the five main topics from Tuesday, while keeping inputs and outputs of the projects in mind. We also looked into past iGEM projects to avoid duplication.


Today we discussed the inputs and outputs of the E. coli “machine” that each of our five ideas from Tuesday would entail, along with the feasibility of each. We limited these ideas down to three focused ones for even further research:

*Creating PHA or PHB plastics using E. coli as a way to produce a shield against gamma radiation
*Degrading CO and CO2 into less potent greenhouse gases using E. coli (useful in car engines, industrial biofilms on smokestacks, etc.)
*Detecting the ethylene gas produced by ripening fruit and signaling its presence or degrading it (again with E. coli)


We spent the day researching more about the three final topics from Thursday and an additional idea regarding the biosynthesis of fragrances was developed. We researched potential inputs, outputs, and discovered the actual need for each project. We decided that our goal in choosing a project is to complete a project that has not been done before and to find a topic that could contribute to furthering society.