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ELECTROBACTER : From Used Frying Oil To Electricity

Our Project
Have you ever tasted those delicious French-fries from your favorite fast food restaurant or even at home watching that nice movie? Or have you lately ate some grilled/fried hamburger meat, fried fish or nuggets?…Humm, ok you might think I’m just hungry and this is nothing to do with an iGEM project, right? Totally wrong! Yes… we are talking about a Synthetic Biology project and is all about our daily life, better saying it’s about our daily waste, and not to mention, one of the most environment contaminating wastes: used frying oil. It is produced in deep-fried food preparations mainly in bars, restaurants, industrial kitchens, hotels and even in our own homes, and its production has tremendously increased over the last years. We are disposing approximately 146 million tons of used frying oil per year. However, do you know the final destination of it?
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Parts Submitted to the Registry

An important aspect of the iGEM competition is the use and creation of standard biological parts.
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