Once the methods described during this project have been fully optimised, we believe that the ideas presented here have the potential to become a real player in the palm oil market. Producing the main palm oil components the E. c(oil)i way would drive down costs and, more importantly, safeguard the remaining rainforests. The following pages are a summary of our business plan, and the full document can be found by clicking on the button to the right.

Sales and Implementation Summary
Our marketing strategy assumes we will serve our customers in the following way:
Trade Supplier: In this we will produce and sell our own line of product which we have developed based on the needs and wants of manufacturers and end consumers alike.

Competitive Edge
E. c(oil)i’s competitive advantage lies in its revolutionary approach to the production of palm oil. This method is more sustainable and more cost effective which makes it considerably more appealing to customers’ specific needs compared to traditional methods of production. We are able to benefit from a smaller supply chain by eradicating the need for growers of oil palm fruit and subsequently the need to extract the oil from the fruit in mills. In effect, the start of the supply chain for our product is the refining stage for natural palm oil. Thus E. c(oil)i’s supply chain will consist of only 4 steps instead of the usual 6. This serves as an advantage as a shorter supply chain means there are less people wanting to make profits along the process from palm oil grower to the eventual retailing body, and therefore there is an opportunity to supply the product at a reduced rate. Because our production method is so innovative, we have looked into the possibilities of assigning intellectual property rights to our production process to ensure we maintain a strong competitive edge.

Sales Strategy
We will commence with our sales strategy once the facility is built and is in operation. This allows us to accept new clients who have an interest in the distribution of a synthetic palm oil and allows us to accommodate any orders they might have. We have already had interest in our venture, largely from the food industry.

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