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AttributionHere we attribute work done by others and by ourselves. We distinguish work done by the team from work done by others, including the 3M lab group, advisers, instructors, graduate students, and postgraduate masters students.

Work done by team

  Contributed innovative ideas for the project(All team member)
  Erformed all molecular experiments ( plasmid construction, Luciferase, RT-PCR)(WENG Mingxi, NIU Yuchen, ZHOU Yu, WEI Xiuqing, DAI Yimei, CHEN Xi, XIONG Aoli, WANG Wei, GONG Fei, CAI Yusheng)
  Performed all culture experiments (transfection, growth, exosome collection) (mainly done by WANG Wei, WEI   Xiuqing, DAI Yimei, CHEN Xi, XIONG Aoli, SUN Yiyang, NIU Yuchen, WENG Mingxi, GONG Fei)
  Performed all biochemical experiments (CHEN Xi, DAI Yimei, WEI Xiuqing, NIU Yuchen)
  Preformed all mice experiments (SUN Yiyang, WEI Xiuqing, WANG Wei, DAI Yimei, CAI Yusheng)
  Modeling (GONG Fei, WANG Siqi)
  Designed Wiki (ANN Hongrui, GONG Fei)
  Planed and Organized human practice ( All team member)

Support of advisers

  Basic training of students for techniques of molecular and cell biology (WANG Xueliang, LIANG Hongwei, LIU Yanqing)
  Technical support on mice experiments(ZHANG Yujin)
  Technical support with confocal microscopy (WANG Nan)
  Discussing the results and editing the wiki (all advisers)
  Soliciting funds for the project (all advisers)

Support received from others

  We have gained much information about iGEM from other teams: WU Xin from XMU, from SJTU, from CUST, from FDU, from PKU.
  Also, Chen Shuobing from Peking University has given us precious advice about our project. Professors from NIBS have given us much information about the pre-S1.
  Moreover, our adorable classmates, You Wei, Gu Xuandong,HUA Yilei and WEI Yu have given us much help in Logo design and presentation, respectively.

Materials received from 3M lab

  HEK 293T Cell line
  HepG2 Cell line
  Plasmids used as template

Material received from others

  HBsAg Mice Model from CUST

Mathematical model

  Inspired by iGEM Team Slovenia 2012