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Gong Fei To strive,to seek, to find and never to give up.

Dai Yimei Hi, my name is Dai Yimei and I am a senior at Nanjing University. I am majoring in life science and plan to pursue graduate study in developmental biology. I believe that science can work wonders.

Weng Mingxi I love science and have great passion in life science. This is my first time to participate in iGEM. I find my fun in our project this summer. It's so great to design and synthesize biological devices to achieve a certain transformation of life to some extent as our will. And it’s always a pleasure to be with everyone in our team. What a wonderful experience!

Chen xi I am Chen Xi, a life science student trying to find out solution to health problem in a simpler way.

Xiong Aoli What synthetic biology attracts me by in the first place is that by designing different parts one’s hands could work just as the hands of god. It brings me back to the childhood when I was playing with my Lego. With several basic parts, one could build a world with infinite possibility, just like synthetic biology and iGEM. I’m enjoying the process of creating something new.

Sunyiyang Sunny,healthy and lucky! That is me!

Wang Wei I’m Wang Wei, a senior student at the school of Life Science, NANJING University. This is an opportunity to personally deeply involve in scientific research, and from which I harvest. I learned about synthetic biology, and knew what my interest is. This summer, I had a good time with IGEM, cell experiment and my friends.

Niu Yuchen I believe that the life sciences can bring us a better life.

Zhou Yu Synthetic biology is like art and dream.

Wei Xiuqing Hello, I am Viola, a senior student major in Life Sciences at Nanjing University. Drawing and playing table tennis are my favorite hobbies, and I also like growing flowers. I am excited to be a part of such a diverse group of students and looking forward to the competition. Facing difficulties I am always positive and optimistic. Love life, love Life Sciences. Fighting!

Cai Yusheng Man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.

An Hongrui On the way to a smile.

Chen Xi Instructor Associate Professor, School of Life Sciences, Nanjing University