Thanks to our team members and instructors' efforts, we submitted 7 new parts, including 2 coding parts, 1 RBS part, and 4 regulatory parts.
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TRM is a transmembrane transporter which is involved in transporting atrazine from the outside to the inside of the bacteria. It comes from the genome of Arthrobacter aurescens. The length of its gene is 1341bp. By using this part, we hope to increase the amount of atrazine inside the bacteria so that our Atrazine-RBS and TrzN can function better.

TrzN (BBa_K1145002)

TrzN is a fantastic degrading enzyme which can degrade atrazine into a nontoxic chemical substance. It also comes from the genome of Arthrobacter aurescens. The length of its gene is 1371bp. With the help of TRM, this part can function much more efficiently.

Atrazine-RBS (BBa_K1145003)

This is a brilliant switch which can be opened by atrazine. It comes from artificial synthesis. We use this part to recognize and detect atrazine. The length of this switch is 87bp. Once atrazine is detected, corresponding functions, for example recruiting partners, will take effect immediately.

Plsr (BBa_K1145004)

This promoter comes from the genome of Escherichia coli. It can take effect when the density of bacteria hits certain value. By using this part, our bacteria can secrete TrzN only when enough bacteria gather around atrazine pollution centre.

Pλ (BBa_K1145005)

Pλ is a promoter which can be inhibited by protein CI. We use this part combined with CI to realize the main function of regulating the whole system.

Plac/ara-1 (BBa_K1145006)

Promoter Plac/ara-1 is used to drive the expression of LuxRI in pLuxRI2 and its derivatives. It comes from artificial synthesis.

CI-tag (BBa_K1145007)

CI is a protein which can inhibit the expression of Pλ, we use this part to regulate our whole system. It first comes from λ phage, and the length of its gene is 750bp. In our project, we modified this protein to make it better at inhibiting the expression of Pλ.

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