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The aim of this game is to provide a fun and informative means for young biologists to become interested in Synthetic Biology and it's various applications. The game poses the user with various challenges, from simply keeping the bacteria alive, to solving problems using BioBricks, and they must complete these challenges to progress through the game and keep their bacteria healthy. This page has been created to both document the development and provide a guide to playing the game.


The game was first conceived as part of our ethical considerations, to demonstrate the sharing aspect of iGEM by allowing users to utilise any BioBrick from the registry (that has been programmed into the game). The idea is that mini games will require certain BioBricks in order to be completed, involving aspects of research and problem solving from the user.

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The game has been developed in Java with LIBGdx. This is because of the documentation available on LIBGdx, the ease at which games can be developed and the consistent structure it provides with standard gaming development. It also makes it exceptionally easy to port games between Android, PC and HTML, giving the possibility for cross-platform integration of cloud-based save games in the future.

The game has been developed with an open source license. With an API and all source code available for download and adaption. The documentation for the game can be found on this page and teams/users are encouraged to use it a basis for their own projects/purposes.

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Documentation and API

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The documentation and API for version 0.6.0 along with the Desktop deployment of the game. The game is currently has all the framework in place including registering, creating and maintaining media/BioBricks as well as the beginnings of mini-game implementation. This game acts as an example of how we believe a game should be structured for the purpose of getting people interested in Synthetic Biology.

We would love very much for the rest of the Synthetic Biology community to continue development as the game is fully scalable and adaptable to a person or organisation's specific needs.

Releases Source
Release # Desktop Code API
0.6.0 Download here Download here Download here

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