Team:OU-Norman OK/Project



These are the records of the Surely Awesome Research of Students team. They have experienced many a trial and tribulation and quite a few harrowing adventures in the name of Science and Free Food. We believe that they were once human beings, but then something happened along the way and now they are cleverly disguised androids that do indeed dream of good grades and possibly free time... or at least they were.

An excerpt from THE TEAM THAT COULD by Robert Snazzlefunk in the year 4080

Submitted Parts

Once upon a time, a group of university students came together to build something pretty amazing. The trudged and the puffed. They did that a lot actually. Amazing how they didn't walk away from that with some serious malady or the ability to play the trumpet exceptionally well. In any case, their efforts were not in vain and they found some interesting pieces and lived happily ever after. The End.

An excerpt from GRIMM'S FAIRYTALES: KIND OF LAZY TALES FROM YEARS GONE BY which was published int he year 5699 by the Glourpt Brothers of Anthracene V