Team:OU-Norman OK/Team/Undergraduates


The Captain: Jeremiah Miller

Jeremiah is the founder and leader of the Oklahoma iGEM Team and the Oklahoma Synthetic Biology Club. He is a senior pursuing dual degrees in Chemistry and Microbiolgy, and is applying to MD/PhD programs this year. He plans to pursue a career in research, with specific interests in systems biology and translational medicince: bringing the benchtop to the bedside. Jeremiah is active in many student organizations, including: the Oklahoma Student Chapter of the ASM, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, the OU Geology Club, the Medical Ethics and Issues Discussion Panel, and the OU Integrity Council.

The Vice-Captain: Erin Weese

Erin is a senior Microbiology and Spanish student pursuing a minor in Chemistry. Her previous research experience focused on the marine bioluminescent organism Vibrio fischeri. She is the Vice President for the University of Oklahoma chapter of the American Society for Microbiology and serves as the Scholarship Chair for her sorority, Alpha Sigma Kappa Women in Technical Studies. Erin’s free time is spent indulging in her passion for Latin dance. She plans to complete her degree program in the Spring of 2015 after a semester of studying abroad in Peru. Erin intends to complete a doctoral program in the fields of virology and molecular biology with applications to human health and development.

The Webmaster: Zachariah Herron

Zachariah volunteered to work under the Captain when presented the opportunity and now fills the roles of primary programmer, lab minion, and multimedia coordinator. His primary field of study is chemistry, but he rarely turns down new skills and thus works in an amateur capacity until he is either knighted or conquers an alien race. His dreams lie amongst the stars and he hopes to one day leave the planet and solar system for far off places. In the meantime, there is science to do and books to read.

Minion: Samuel Jones

Samuel is pursuing Physics and Microbiology degrees at the University of Oklahoma. He enjoys doing research and also developing his skills as a Martial Artist. Samuel works part-time as a contractor/craftsman. He plans to ensure a long and prosperous life for himself and his fiancée. In the event of an apocalypse, it would be best to have him around for your continued survival.

Minion: Michel Essien

Michel is a rising senior majoring in Microbiology and minoring in Chemistry & AFAM Studies at The University of Oklahoma. Michel plans to continue his academic pursuits by obtaining a master’s in public health(MPH) and going on towards his ultimate goal of a doctorate in medicine(MD). Michel joined the OU IGEM team at the beginning of the summer and has been very proactive and committed towards the goal of the team. When he’s not in the classroom, lab, or library you can probably find him in the gym working on his amazing physique. Watch out ladies ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ “

Minion: Ian Pratt

Ian is pursuing a dual major in Biochemsitry and Psychology, while working on a minor in Microbiology. Ian is highly committed to iGEM and spends many hours in the lab. It is not uncommon to see Ian taking initiative in order to ensure completion of daily projects. Ian's future endeavors include: attending medical school and continuing research alongside his developing education, with the hopes of completing an M.D./PhD. program. Outside of school, he enjoys wakeboarding and reading. His friends say that Ian is a caring person that makes an impact in the lives of many.

Minion: Justin Montgomery

He is a senior majoring in Microbiology at the University of Oklahoma. His academic pursuits include obtaining my doctorate, as well as having a positive effect on the surrounding academic community. Throughout the year he spends his time volunteering at various organizations. Since, he began iGEM this summer he has relished the many experiences he has had to apply his textbook knowledge in the lab. He hopes that his future endeavors will allow him to keep applying his knowledge to the outside world.