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TB is an airborne contagious and infectious disease that comes in two forms; active or latent. Existent TB diagnosis and treatment tools are time consuming and hospitalization is costly. Nowadays, TB still causes considerable morbidity and mortality worldwide.

Erwin Schrodinger
Died from Tuberculosis


Schrödinger suffered from tuberculosis and several times in the 1920s stayed at a sanatorium in Arosa. It was there that he formulated his wave equation. He died because of Tuberculosis the 4th of January 1961, in Vienna at the age of 73.

Cat Stevens
Born in 1948
He had Tuberculosis

British Musicien

Stevens contracted tuberculosis in 1969 and was close to death at the time of his admittance to the King Edward VII Hospital. He spent months recuperating in the hospital and a year of convalescence. During this time Stevens began to question aspects of his life, and spirituality.

Vivien Leigh
Died from Tuberculosis


Vivien Leigh suffered recurrent bouts of chronic tuberculosis, first diagnosed in the mid-1940s, which ultimately claimed her life at the age of 53.

He had Tuberculosis

Writer, philosopher and playwright

George Orwell
Died from Tuberculosis

English novelist / essayist

This English author, best known for his novels 1984 and Animal Farm, spent time in a tuberculosis sanatorium in 1938. In 1947 he was diagnosed with TB again. He struggled with this infection, going in and out of hospital until he died in 1950 of a hemorrhaged lung.

Johann Goethe
He had Tuberculosis

German writer/scientist

Johann Schiller
He had Tuberculosis

German writer/historian

Frederic Chopin
Died from Tuberculosis

Polish composer/pianist

Chopin's disease and the cause of his death have since been a matter of debate. But given Chopin's history and symptoms, it seems likely that he suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis.

Paul Gauguin
He had Tuberculosis

French painter

Paul Gauguin had Tuberculosis but he died of Syphillis instead

Eleanor Roosvelt
Died from Tuberculosis

American humanitarian/first lady

In April 1960, Eleanor Roosevelt was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. In 1962, she was given steroids which activated a dormant case of bone marrowtuberculosis. She died of resulting cardiac failure at her Manhattan home.

Franz Kafka
Died from Tuberculosis

Czech author

Kafka was diagnosed with tuberculosis in August 1917. He died there on 3 June 1924. His cause of death seemed to be starvation: the condition of Kafka's throat made eating too painful for him, and since parenteral nutrition had not yet been developed, there was no way to feed him.

Edvard Munch
He had Tuberculosis

Norwegian painter

Emily Bronte
Died from Tuberculosis

English novelist

Anne and Emily Brontë and other members of the Brontë family of writers, poets and painters were struck by TB. Anne, their brother Branwell, and Emily all died of it within 2 years of each other. Charlotte Brontë's death in 1855 was stated at the time as having been due to TB, but there is some controversy over this today.

Ho Chi Minh
He had Tuberculosis

Vietnamese revolutionary

Anton Chekhov
Died from Tuberculosis

Russian short-story writer, playwright and physician

Napoleon II
Died from Tuberculosis

Emperor of the French

Nelson Mandela
Born in 1918
He had Tuberculosis

Nelson Mandela

King Tutankhamen
ca 1358-1340 B.C.
Died from Tuberculosis

Egyptian pharaoh

Tutankhamen, died at aged 18, Probably of TB – but an X-ray in 1969 showed a bone chip in his skull

Ringo Starr
Born in 1940
He had Tuberculosis

A Beatle/English musician

The drummer of The Beatles survived having tuberculosis at age 11

Henry VII
Died from Tuberculosis

Emperor of the French

Simón Bolivar
Died from Tuberculosis

First President of Bolivia, President of Perù, President of Venezuela, Presient of Great Colombia

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
He had Tuberculosis

Leader of Indian independence movement

Cardinal Richelieu
Died from Tuberculosis

French clergyman, noble and statesman.

For many years he had suffered from recurrent fevers, strangury, intestinal tuberculosis with fistula, and migraine. After his death, his lungs were found to have extensive cavities and caseous necrosis. As he felt his death approaching, he named as his successor Mazarin, one of his most faithful followers.

Edgar Allen Poe
Died from Tuberculosis

American writer

Albert Camus
He had Tuberculosis

French writer, playwright, activist, and absurdist philosopher

Albert Camus suffered from TB. He was forced to drop out of school (University of Algiers) due to severe attacks of tuberculosis. However, his death was caused by a car accident.

Sarah Bernhardt
She had Tuberculosis

French actress

Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Died from Tuberculosis

French writer and philosopher

Edgar Allen Poe
Died from Tuberculosis

American writer

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